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Internet Marketing Information Anyone?

Hello, hello, right off the bat I would like to thank you for visiting my site.  I have been putting this little place together pretty much to document my experience with internet marketing, web marketing, affiliate marketing, online marketing, whatever you would like to call it is fine by me, but in general when I say IM, I mean Internet Marketing, pretty much all of those things as a whole.

My name is Charlie and I have been into Internet Marketing for about a year now.  I stumbled upon IM the same way many others have, while I was searching for ways to make some money online.  One of the main reasons I started to really entertain the thought of internet marketing was because this one an online venture I could start for free, which is a topic that I will be touching upon a lot on this site.  From what I hear, the economy is still in a limbo type of state, I wouldn’t know because I really don’t keep up with the news, I tend to pay more attention to things I can enjoy..  But anyway,  for those of you that may be feeling the effect of the roomers I am going to try my hardest and make this a 100% free site offering Internet Marketing Information.  But I do have to respect the laws and not give away content that does not belong to me, but i can assure you, if it comes from me, its FREE..

So bookmark, RSS feed, whatever you want.  I am going to make it a point to give away quality Internet Marketing Information as a little nose to the air to all of the scam artists who try and sell these “next best thing” internet marketing programs to newbies for all this money when all of this information is a couple of clicks away.  I am pretty much just really fed up with all of these mailing lists that you become apart of that send you nothing but sales offers to bunk products.

If you know how to use a computer, and can get on the internet, YOU CAN make money online, and you can do this without having to spend a dime.

But, but, butttt… If you have been searching the internet for a way to get rich quick, I’m sorry to be the one to burst your bubble, but it is not going to happen.  As a matter of fact, with that type of mindset you will probably lose your money a lot faster than you make any.  You will have to “work” and it will take some time.  I really don’t consider it work but you are going to have to learn the ropes, and this will be the most important part..

I am going to put together a little info page, pretty much just an internet marketing basics section of this site.  I should have that up soon.

Thanks for checking out my site.

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